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Hungry for E-commerce Content

Of all the non-financial things that an ecommerce partner will ask for – content will be at the top of the list. E-commerce is hungry for content and any brand partner that can supply rich and relevant content is a star in the eye of the merchant. Why? Because sites with the best content win. They win the consumer and, if the stars align, the conversion. Think of your own interaction on websites. If you have a wide variety of functional content to peruse, it makes you feel safe, it paints the brand as trusted and the ecommerce partner as credible. Amazon caught this trend early on and their A+ content concept has become the industry expectation on the part of the consumer. Storytelling paragraphs, rich features and benefits, multiple images, a video or two and strong and numerous reviews all make the shopping journey a 360 experience. If that is bolstered by user generated content, additional content in other places like social media sites, blogs and brand sites, it is an immersive engagement that helps build repeat business and sale

From an ecommerce retail perspective, content helps drive sales. The ecommerce reseller simply wants to sell more stuff; and frequently does not dwell on the brand mix unless margin is a driving factor. Brands want the ecommerce reseller to sell more of their products, and shift share from the competition. The question becomes – how can a brand help the reseller meet or exceed goals? If compelling and comprehensive content helps keep shoppers on a site – then providing rich content becomes a sales technique as well as a marketing imperative.

There are four ways that content helps drive sales. Content has a value:

  1. As a way to attract new customers and build relationships

  2. As a way to build trust both in the product and the brand

  3. As a way to expand awareness and visibility

  4. As a way to nurture long tail leads

From a sales focus, each one of these is a reason to engage with your company’s content team, dedicate an internal resource to content or to hire an outside partner – to ensure that the content your ecommerce partners need - is being created and distributed.

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